Automatic Assassin free on iBooks/Nook for Month of May

To celebrate my birthday, you can get the satirical scifi of Automatic Assassin for free for iBooks or nook

Hey wait…1 star review on Nook???? They must think 1 means “best”… like #1

Reviews of Automatic Assassin

I have got some good reviews for Automatic Assassin. Here’s a roundup. Read, then head to the Zizek Press book page to buy on Kindle/iBooks

….but if you just want a nice DRM-Free pdf to download IMMEDIATELY then click right here–>

In Horne’s cunning for weaving social commentary into his plot…we see a contemporary beat writer at work, through brief, stark observations (on the cold logic of the free market, for instance) and broad sweeping story arcs (the beauty and slavery of Earth, the origin of blackwarps and so on) that add depth and intelligence without ruining the sense of fantasy and adventure.

‘Automatic Assassin’ has everything: black humour, death, un-death, resurrection, philosophy, technology – even a tiny hint of sex. It is a voyage of fun and repulsion, egomania and altruism… and so many other contradictions that you will disembark knowing that you love Xolo whilst never really understanding why. –

Extremely funny and wild and poetic science fiction story. Lots of wit, interesting characters, wild locales, fantastic imagery, using and abusing (in the best way possible) old and tried science fiction clichees, while coming up with a lot of new ones. Like the main character’s brain bomb, I couldn’t help fall a little in love with the character and the story and the hilariously difficult circumstances he constantly finds himself in, and which he somehow manages to get himself out of. – Berit Ellingsen, Author of The Empty City

This book is a wildly inventive bed-time story told by a savvy poet to a precocious space-monkey.

It’s got fast-plot adventure, whimsy and outright piss-taking shot through with gorgeous observations and fabulous horrordreams of future. It’s a cool ride with an unnerving end.

Marc Horne delivers hilariously cheeky sentences, like this:

‘The panties of victory started to ride up over the waistband of retreat’

and casually and persistently drops beauties, like this:

‘Enormous bloated seconds passed like whales.’

Automatic Assassin is Far Out – ”Outside (the outside of the inside of the underside of the real side) …” - Penny Goring, author of The Zoom Zoom

New novel coming: AUTOMATIC ASSASSIN : July 11

The rumors (that I started) are true. I am going full on Sci-Fi with my next novel, AUTOMATIC ASSASSIN which is coming out July 11 on Kindle, Nook and in paperback at Amazon.  Follow for details.

A cyberpunk space opera about Xolo, a man who replaced his conscience with a machine.
A routine assassination on a synthetic planet gets complicated when Xolo stupidly rescues some kids, gets a bomb in his head (that falls in love with him) and then winds up on the world of kings, brainslaves and electric zombies known as ‘Earth,’ where he is mistaken for a cosmic messiah.

So tell your friends, and if you want a review copy then let me know or contact if you don’t have my contact info.

I’m just doing some last minute tinkering now. It;s a bit of a change of direction. I wanted to go for an over-the-top blockbuster feel with layers of literary special effects and weird set pieces. I literally have no idea how people are going to react to it, and that is fun.

The Collected Shortness

All my recent short stories, with just those 2 bad ones taken out, for 0.99

From the author of This Unhappy Planet and cult classic Tokyo Zero comes a selection of short fiction, satire and poetry to unsettle then soothe your brain.

Punchy encounters with memorable people seeing odd things await you. Meet pithy French film critics, born again management gurus, slum tourists, girls with teardrop tattoos and what have you.

(13 chapters, plus an exclusive preview of Horne’s next novel)

Marc Horne Novels on Kindle

Both of my novels are available on Kindle around the world for 299 cents or 149 pence or 160centimes or your local equivalent.

Kindle can now be read on Kindles, iPhones, Androids etc. so I hope this will be convenient for all. I’m not using any DRM and the books are still under a Creative Commons license.


One man goes to Tokyo to end the world. It goes fairly well.

“lyrically jarring“, “wildly imaginative“, “so good that, if you haven’t read it, you may in fact be squandering your literacy.”

US UK (no DRM)


A Spiritual Fitness Club seemed like a great way to make money, but reality is not always for sale.

darkly, subtly funny“,“characters imbued with depth and shading”

US UK (no DRM)

The Forbidden Dance

They are pushing and shaking the old caddy, made of angles ‘cause it’s from the old days.
They are Arabs or Mexicans. I am not a racist. It’s dark and there is loud music coming from that hotel that men live in.
They are shaking the car and I see a man inside, who is not moving.
The mix of anger and joy in the three more-Mexican guys and one more-Arab woman’s face is found mainly in riots. The stillness of the man in the car is that of the policeman who took the wrong turn on the night of the uprising.
He’s actually a head.
Because it is very loud, and I am in a light-based reality, he is just a head.
It’s the head of Harry Dean Stanton. Pickled. Then mummified. Then put in the trash because that didn’t work. But then they found they had no other heads. “What? Do you idiots even know how hard it was to get the head of Harry Stanton?” So then they go and find it and frankly it hasn’t got better. They bring it back. It ends up in this car.
If all this talk of Harry Dean Stanton has thrown you – perhaps you don’t know the actor in question – just imagine instead a regular man who for his whole life was told that smoking cigarettes was food and who found out the truth about an hour ago.
But he is just a head now. And around his brow, and looped at the base of his neck, are LED Christmas lights of many colors. In fact not Christmas: Fiesta. If I had to guess, and I think I do, I would say he festooned them himself. They do not generate the intense white light that holds his face. I can’t locate the source of that miracle.
I get closer and a new sound comes to the front. I think it is coming from the car, like a novelty horn. It is a digital arrangement. But it is still the lambada. The forbidden dance.
I almost knock over their child, who is 2 feet tall and with a towel tied around her head and who suddenly jumped out. I don’t touch her. I touch no one. The whole little puzzle goes behind my head, where it belongs.

[a sketch of something I saw tonight]

A bit of Chapter 3 of “This Unhappy Planet”

This Unhappy Planet is my new novel. You can get it “here.”

It’s the tale of four friends in California who take it in turns to be crazy at the end of the ’00s.

Here is a chunk I enjoyed writing

It’s interesting to watch your wife. Getting a little notebook, furtively capturing phrases, doing little sketches of her. Combing through her web-browsing history.

Jack had had a sense of this before when he had noticed how much pleasure he took in catching sight of Allie from afar: like when they were going to meet outside a store or whatever and he would see her in the crowd before she saw him. Her big sunglasses, floppy tied-up hair, swan neck, the way she carried her handbag low like Peter Hook’s bass. It was enchanting: a mix of flying over your own house in a plane and of remembering the exciting early unfamiliar days of a relationship. Cynically, also, she was not talking.

This was different, though. She was a case study and he was an anthropologist. That could be sexy too. A mud hut, the Nile Delta. She comes from the river… still wet, the drips glistened on her tribal markings.

Or, she’s driving the car and a homeless guy is at the light and instead of wasting a five on him like she used to, she instead looks in his eyes for a good ten seconds and says, “You need to figure out what you really want. God bless.”

Hmm. Hoboes are just not sexy… unless possibly if you’re a serial killer or something.


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